Lets look at some cute room decor ideas!

These are some ideas and tips on what to get for your room, where to get them, and what to look for to get the besta deals.

Heads-up: You want to look for LED lights that have good reviews, because money doesnt equal quality, so look for bad reviews, generally about the LRds lasting a short amount of time. Also... if you re looking for fake vines, go for the bigger packs (like of 18 strips) and get the pre-cut ones. (WARNING: the vines do smell quite bad when you first get them becuase they have been vacuum packed for a long time, but just leave them outside for about 3 days and occasionally spray them with water or perfume and they will smell fine. + they are good quality and stirdy) .

Here's an image of some inspo:

Here's another pic:

Here's an image of a tapestry and pircture wall:

Here's a few must-haves for your room:

Tips Look on Ikea if you want floating shelves, as amazon ones come a lot flimsier and wont last as long as they have been in a factory for a long time.Plus... dont get a mirror from amazon either, becuase it will most likely come cracked or incredibly flimsy and not worth the money, though LED lights and ivy vines are good to get off of amazon. For me the entire haul of all of the stuff which was all of the stuff on the bulletpoint list above came to a total of around £80, but can be around £200 or more if you get the most expensive and newest things. .